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How To Make It In The Music Industry

The music industry in recent years is vastly changed from the days of Elvis Presley or the Beatles.  There is far more technology. People are communicating around the world in seconds and the spread of a good song can go viral from just a simple social media upload.  The game has changed from the early days. It is now something that can literally be done by a simple recording and editing from a home computer.

Back in the day, you would make a whole album with your producers and put it out in whatever was popular at the time whether it be 8 tracks or CD’s and it was up to the music stores if they would pick it up and sell it.  These brick and mortar stores were the place to hear about new music coming out and great local hangout for music lovers. However, these stores really are not in existence anymore as we all carry the stores in our phones with the various music apps.  These apps such as Spotify are an 8 billion dollar industry.

Treat your music career like a business

This is still a business and you need to treat your music like a business.  Just like any business you need to build a brand around you or around your band.  This brand will have to have a catchy logo, you will need talented people in your band and you will need to market yourself.  This marketing often times starts out in local bars and small venues. You most likely will start with covers but should mix in some of your own songs and have a songwriter that you use, if you don’t write them yourself.  

Remember the music industry can be brutal.  Keep your head up and accept that not everyone is going to love your music the first time or at all.  The record labels are out there to make money. And, you need to prove to them that you have what it takes to be a money-making machine.   You need to position your business and brand in a way that they come to you with offers.

Different music industry roles

If you are not looking into being a band or musician in the industry?  Maybe more into production? You can go to school to learn how to write and produce music.  You can try to get an internship with a professional production studio to learn more about the industry and learn an instrument.  Music production is the very nuts and bolts of the music and understanding what each not is and does is very important to a producer.
Songwriting is another aspect of the music industry that is very close to production.  A producer is oftentimes a songwriter as well. This is just another part of the music industry that could be achieved as well. Networking is really the key component in any of the above for success.  You are who you know. So, getting out and knowing more people will help.  Social media is huge for this as well. Social media is a great way to build your brand, whether it is in music production, a band or songwriting.  It is a free outlet that can get your brand started, sometimes rather quickly. Remember, this is a form of networking as well.

How To Break Into The Music Industry And Make A Successful Career

We shower every day.
We brush our teeth every day.

But are you moving ahead in you music career everyday??

We need to self-inspire everyday.

In fact, daily inspiration is critical to success in music, because the pursuit of making it in music is only for the strong of heart.

For those who take action.

Your inspiration comes in many forms:

And especially this one

There’s No Time Limit On Your Music Career

Many people feel that if they don’t achieve success in music by a certain age then it’s “too late” for them.


Good music is good music.

About a year ago, after attending my Workshop, 41 year old artist Brian Rockwell flew in from Seattle to make his first record – with me producing. The song he wrote is phenomenal – still get chills every time I hear it. His music moves me. Do my ears and soul really care at all that he’s 41? Nope.

Does his age make the music any better or worse? Nope.

What an inspiration this guy is. He’s 41 and just starting his journey in the music industry!

Furthermore, while in town, he and his wife decided to move to Southern California to be immersed in the industry – He’s following his passion and going for it.

And he’s 41!

By the way, did I mention he’s 41?

When he’s on his deathbed, he doesn’t want to be filled with regret. 

You see, there are no guarantees of success in music. But if you don’t go for your dream at all, you are guaranteed to not be successful.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a person who is moving forward in pursuing your music dream. I’m proud of you.

And I just wanted to remind you, there’s is no time limit on your career.

So go for it!

I’m in your corner,


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