Are You Moving Your Music Dream Forward Every Day?

We shower every day.
We brush our teeth every day.

But are you moving ahead in you music career everyday??

We need to self-inspire everyday.

In fact, daily inspiration is critical to success in music, because the pursuit of making it in music is only for the strong of heart.

For those who take action.

Your inspiration comes in many forms:

  • Visualizing the life you want
  • Talking to other musicians about their journey
  • Hearing about how others found music success
  • Learning new techniques for bringing out the best music inside of you
  • Meeting the music executives in charge of finding new music
  • Imagining how good it will feel to know your music has touched many, many people (Trust me, this feels better than just about anything.)

And especially this one

  • Reminding yourself that just about EVERYONE who is accomplished in music started from the same point you started.

There’s No Time Limit On Your Music Career

Many people feel that if they don’t achieve success in music by a certain age then it’s “too late” for them.


Good music is good music.

About a year ago, after attending my Workshop, 41 year old artist Brian Rockwell flew in from Seattle to make his first record – with me producing. The song he wrote is phenomenal – still get chills every time I hear it. His music moves me. Do my ears and soul really care at all that he’s 41? Nope.

Does his age make the music any better or worse? Nope.

What an inspiration this guy is. He’s 41 and just starting his journey in the music industry!

Furthermore, while in town, he and his wife decided to move to Southern California to be immersed in the industry – He’s following his passion and going for it.

And he’s 41!

By the way, did I mention he’s 41?

When he’s on his deathbed, he doesn’t want to be filled with regret. 

You see, there are no guarantees of success in music. But if you don’t go for your dream at all, you are guaranteed to not be successful.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a person who is moving forward in pursuing your music dream. I’m proud of you.

And I just wanted to remind you, there’s is no time limit on your career.

So go for it!

I’m in your corner,



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