There are several traditional music colleges to choose from in the United States when working toward becoming a professional musician. Choosing the best one will assure you of a great future in the music business. Your decision will affect your life in all areas such as your career, social life, and job opportunities. The best thing to do is to investigate a little and find out which courses they offer. They have to include music courses, music theory, composition, and any type, of course, related to music.


Best Traditional Music Colleges


Julliard is very well-known and respected college in Lincoln Center, New York City. Students can present their talent in many genres at the Lincoln Center. Although the Lincoln Center focuses on traditional music such as opera and classical music, it is also a university that focuses on the performing arts. The careers that you can study besides music are dance and acting. Music education includes composition, vocal arts, jazz, historical performances, and many others. Among the variety of outstanding former students, we can find Miles Davis, Barry Manilow, Pat Benatar, Yo-Yo Ma, and Nina Simone.


Berklee is another very prestigious music school located in Boston, Massachusetts. The main characteristic of this college is that it works hard to get their students on the Top 40 list with modern genres such as pop, rock, and others. There are twelve majors which all lead you to a baccalaureate degree (B.M.) and a diploma which will make you a professional in the music industry. They have 30 types of degree programs that you can choose from as a main famous. You can also get certificates and courses. Among the most popular former students, you can find Melissa Etheridge, Quincy Jones, Esperanza Spalding, and John Mayer. 


Yale is not a well-known music school but it is one of the top colleges in forming musicians. It admits very few students, which makes it quite selective. Among the well-known alumni, we can find Michael Daugherty, Marco Beltrami, and Matt Brubeck. 

Curtis Institute of Music

The Curtis Institute of Music is one of the oldest music schools around. This school is tuition-free and very selective. It only has 175 students.  Their specialization is opera and the program offers a variety of instruments, composition, conductive training, and vocal studies, among others. Among the famous alumni, you can find Leonard Bernstein, Lang Lang, and David Brooks.

The New England Conservatory of Music

The New England Conservatory of Music is very international. Their students come from many countries and they provide music education to alumni without discriminating against them for their age.  The majors that they offer include composition, conducting, and contemporary improvisation, among others. They truly believe that music is the key to elevate your soul and provide the best of each one. Outstanding former students are Vic Firth, Neal E- Boyd and Aoife O`Donovan.


There are many other excellent schools. Check out their admission information and apply to the one that you consider to be the best option. We hope you find the best one for you. For more interesting articles visit this website:

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