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10 Must Meet Music Trailblazers at the NAMM Show

December 27, 2019//  by Samantha Harward Published by Trailblazers push the boundaries of their industry to forge new paths for generations to come. They’re sparking innovation with every note. From education to performance to technology, The NAMM Show gives these unique individuals a platform to connect and inspire thousands. If you’re lucky to attend The 2020 NAMM Show, you’ll

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5 Essential Tips for Becoming a Great Music Producer

Are you interested in learning the process of music creation like the one you hear on the radio or perhaps you want to replicate the sound of your favorite album? Becoming a music producer may be the ideal career for you.  Music production has become highly accessible, thanks to today’s technology. So what does a

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Music Colleges in America

The Best Traditional Music Colleges in America

There are several traditional music colleges to choose from in the United States when working toward becoming a professional musician. Choosing the best one will assure you of a great future in the music business. Your decision will affect your life in all areas such as your career, social life, and job opportunities. The best

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