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Get insights and advice about how things in this business authentically work, and draw upon advice given to thousands of people pursuing their music dreams

Topic examples include:

  • The 9 Music Career-Killing Mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • Getting Your Music In Film & TV
  • Gaining Industry Access
  • The Most Important Piece of Studio Gear – The Eggtimer
  • Just 500 Die Hard Fans and You Can Quit Your Day Job
  • How to Get a Major Record Deal – And Why You Might Not Care
  • Your Unique Positioning – Stand Out in The Crowd
  • Market Your Music…From Anywhere!
  • How to get Endorsements & Publicity
  • The Psychology of Producing Hit Songs
  • Song Writing for Universal Appeal
  • Getting Your Music Heard by the Right People
  • Get Global Distribution for Your Music
  • How Great Production Makes All the Difference – Before & After Samples
  • Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Juxtaposition – Hold Your Listener’s Interest
  • Get Yourself a Music Industry Mentality
  • Money – Where You Make the Most in Music
  • And so much more.

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